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Organic Compost

Dirt Hugger compost is a dark, rich, Organic Compost made from local whole fruit, wood, brush, spent brewery yeast, and food scraps.  We screen compost to less than 3/8” size, and it is perfect for amending the sandy loam or clay soils in the Pacific Northwest.  We recommend applying Dirt Hugger compost in a 2-3″ topdress, and/or tilling it 6-8” deep into existing soil. Compost can provide organic content and nutrients, and your local soil will provide the mineral content creating a balanced environment for plant growth. Compost also aids in water retention, pH buffering, and stimulation of microbiology.

Dairy Compost

Dairy compost contains cow manure and bedding. Use it like peat moss. Slightly acidic and nitrogen stable, it will not burn tender plants if used properly.

50/50 Compost

Dirt Hugger 50/50 Blend was  created for those newly built raised beds for the spring gardener.  50/50 contains Organic Compost blended with a 1/2″ minus screened local soil to create a sandy loam soil structure. The Blend is plant-in ready and recommended for any gardening  or landscaping project where tilling the local soil is impossible or undesirable. (Note: the topsoil component of this product is not guaranteed to be weed seed or pathogen free as it has not been through the composting process- which is true of most any topsoil you find).

Top Soil

Top soil details forthcoming.