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“How much do I need?”

Use the estimating calculator at the bottom of the page to determine the amount required for your project.

Bark Nuggets

Small or Medium Douglas Fir Nuggets have been carefully screened, separated and double picked to remove white wood and ensure uniform nugget size. These nuggets are processed in a way that gives them a more rounded look. Great for commercial applications to use around water features, pathways, tree rings, etc.
Medium Nuggets: 1-2 inch
Small Nugget: 3/8 – 1 inch

Medium Fine Fir

Medium Fine Fir is great for all types of application from steep slopes to flat landscaping. It consists of 0” to ¾ product. This product has a good mix of fines that settle to the bottom leaving the larger pieces on top.

Dark Fir

Are you looking for a deep rich look around your yard? This products has the look of ground coffee and will make your yard look beautiful. This material is also good for mixing into clay or sandy soils to add organic material.


“Sliverless” bark is great if you like to work in your flower beds. You don’t get those bark slivers that everyone dreads! Ground to a medium grind, and available in Bright, or Dark

Cedar Chips

One of the nicest chips in the West. This premium chip is screened for uniformity. Use for playgrounds, pathways, and dog runs

Walk On Bark

“Walk On” bark is a mix of fir bark and wood pieces that are ¾ to 1 ½ wide and up to 5” in length. Standard walk on bark has more wood pieces compared to Supreme walk on. This product is great for The Gorge because its larger in size and not subject to blowing away in the wind.

Kiln Dry Shavings

A great animal bedding, kiln dried shavings are often used for horse stalls but can be used for any animal. These shavings are sanitary and extra absorbent.

Saw Dust

This is a by-product from our firewood and saw mill operations, it is composed of fine particles of wood. Great for blueberries and soil moisture.

* It’s advisable to add 20% to your calculation to account for settling, variances in the terrain, compaction over time, etc.

** If you are not precisely measuring, keep in mind the the average stride is about 3’.

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