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This beautiful flagstone comes from Washington County, Oregon. Natural stone patios offer a wonderful looking backyard. Flagstone comes in a variety of colors and shapes. From 1” to 2” small patio/EZ stack, to 2” and 3” large patio stone. Product available upon request.

River Rock

Round river rock is approx. 4-7 inches in size. These beautiful colors will create a dramatic and natural affect when used in gardens, ponds, patios and walkways.


Bedding sand is used to create a level surface to serve as a base for projects, as well as a base under concrete pavers. it is course so it can be compacted and allows for adequate water drainage. Product available upon request.


¾ minus (unwashed) gravel is a common paving material, which helps to pack gravel in place. Ideally for gravel driveways, walkways and potholes repair.

Lava Rock

This rock is a natural product that can be used for ground cover. The stones can be placed on pathways to give a colorful design effect or used as border decoration. Lava rocks are also used for water
retaining purposes.

Large Rock

These natural stones can be a beautiful addition to your garden. Great to edge your flower beds, build a wall or to put around a pond or waterfall.

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