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Locally Owned & Operated

Neal Creek is proud to offer products native to the Columbia River Gorge region, as well as serve its commercial and residential customers. Paul Jones, owner and operating CEO of Neal Creek has been a resident of Hood River for more than 15 years, where he, his wife, and two sons, have played an active role in the local community. Originally a California native with a background in Forestry and Recreation, Jones moved to the Pacific Northwest to enjoy an active lifestyle promoted by the mountains, rivers and dense forests. Overtime, his passion for the outdoors quickly translated into work, as he built strong relationships with the National Forest Service and re-established his interest in harvesting sustainable products. Today Jones plays an active part in Neal Creek’s every-day operations, is the proud employer of many local Gorge residents and is recognized as the largest, local provider of consistent and sustainable forest products.

Experienced Staff

The Neal Creek staff is a collective of 10 local Gorge residents who and are skilled in harvesting, milling and delivering, quality forest products to patrons. Should you need help determining what products are most suitable, or how much material you need, you’ll find Neal Creek’s staff to be incredibly knowledgeable—helping you define a solution ideal for your circumstances. Whether you visit us onsite, or call us, our staff is ready to help you determine the best way to accomplish your project goals.

Sustainable Practices

All Neal Creek Forest Products are indicative of sustainable practices—meaning the resources we harvest primarily come from local fires or new growth initiatives. We understand how important forests are to the preservation of our planet and we’re cognizant of how our business decisions could affect these valuable resources. That is why 80% of the products we provide are upcycled or recycled materials. Much of the timbers, slabs, beams and mulch are products of trees the National Forest Service has requested be removed, while our compost is a blend of local whole fruit, wood, brush, spent brewery yeast, food scraps, soil, sand and in some cases manure. In addition to giving forest resources a second life, we’re also committed to new growth initiatives, contributing time, money and labor to replanting local forests.

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