Offering Sustainability Services

Organics & Recycling

Green Waste Recycling

We make the most of green garden waste through environmentally friendly recycling. Whether you have yard clippings, leaves, trimmings, old mulch or other yard debris, we kindly accept all green waste and upcycle it for future use. For those practicing sustainability, this is a much better option than taking yard debris to the landfill. There is a $20/yard drop off charge.

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Forest Floor Mulch

All green garden waste is processed through our Neal Creek grinder, producing mulch optimal for erosion control. Rather than spend unnecessary dollars on mulch meant for landscape aesthetics, Forest Floor Mulch is a low-cost, environmentally friendly option that prioritizes function over form.

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The Upcycling Process

Living in the Gorge gives NCFP unique opportunities to source many different size and species of logs coming from various projects throughout the Gorge. These logs are brought into NCFP and milled into products that can be used for a lifetime of enjoyment. NCFP sourced many logs that were removed during the Eagle Creek Fire for hazard mitigation. These logs were turned into amazing beams, lumbers and slabs that will last generations.

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Guidelines for Accepting Your Green Waste

Neal Creek is proud to be able to offer green waste recycling, however, it’s important to understand the guidelines around your contribution. When dropping off your garden waste please make sure it does NOT include any treated lumber, metal or rocks of any kind. While the Neal Creek grinder is a powerful piece of equipment, the wrong kind of debris can result in costly machine maintenance. When making your yard waste contribution, please make sure it’s “green” material such as yard clippings, leaves, trimmings, old mulch, or other yard debris. We take great pride in offering this service while minimizing landfill use, and we are pleased to see you share that pride.

$20/yard to drop