Neal Creek offers both residential and commercial delivery throughout the Columbia Gorge region. All Neal Creek products are available in varying truck load sizes so no matter small or large your order, we have you covered.


Which Truck is Needed For Delivery?

Neal Creek has three different sizes of trucks that can accommodate the delivery of all Neal Creek Forest Products. Once you've calculated the amount of material you need, you'll be able to determine which truck is necessary for delivery.

Blue Adams Product Card

Green Truck: Walking Floor

Does not haul compost, gravel or sand. Hauls 3 units (22.5 yards) of mulch, 4 units (30 yards shavings) or 3 cords firewood.

$65.00 delivery fee (within 10 mile radius)

White Dodge

White Dodge: Dump Truck

Hauls 10 yards mulch, 7 yards compost, 5 yards 50/50, 4 yards gravel/sand, 2 cords firewood or 10 yards shavings.

$50.00 delivery fee (within 10 mile radius)


International Truck: Dump Truck

Hauls 12 yards Mulch, 10 yards Compost, 6 yards 50/50, 6 yards Gravel, 2 cords Firewood, 6 yards Sand or 12 yards Shavings.

$65.00 delivery fee (within 10 mile radius)


Ford 550: Dump Truck

Hauls 3-8 yards, depending on product

$50.00 delivery fee (within 10 mile radius)


How Much Will Delivery Cost?

$50-$65 per trip

10 mile radius from our location – $4.00 per mile after 10 miles

$35.00 add-on fee

$35.00 flat fee to attach a trailer for second product delivery


Guidelines for Delivery

Truck wheels must stay on improved surface (compacted gravel, asphalt, or concrete). Our trucks have been known to get stuck in the mud. If we accommodate any requests to go off an improved surface, the customer is responsible for any costs associated with towing and wait time. NCFP is not responsible for damage beyond curb.


Do we have to be home to accept delivery?

No, all major credit cards are accepted over the phone and we are able to deliver without you being home. In addition, you can leave detailed delivery instructions for our driver on your door.

What is your cancellation policy?

We offer a no-charge cancellation policy up to 48 hours prior to delivery.

Will you drive in my backyard?

No, due to the excessive weight of trucks and materials we will only drive on paved, gravel, cement or asphalt surfaces to ensure we do not damage your property.

What about low hanging power lines and low hanging tree limbs?

On occasion low hanging power lines and trees can be problematic. If the delivery location has either, and the truck is unable to clear, we will need to determine an alternate drop off location.

How much debris should I expect to see in a cord of firewood delivered?

On average, a recycling container full. This material works excellent for kindling if saved.

Schedule Your Delivery

Contact us today to schedule your delivery. Your request will notify a Neal Creek consultant who will follow up with you on scheduling.

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