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Neal Creek realizes that determining what products to order, how much you need, and how it should arrive, can be overwhelming. That’s why we not only offer onsite and phone consultations, but we also offer material calculators and a list of frequently asked questions. It is our goal to help you make informed purchase decisions.


What does 1 yard looks like?

It is about a small pick up truck full and covers 324 sq. feet at 1 inch in depth. (A 3 x 3 x 3 box is one yard.)

What is one cord?


What bark amount is recommended for a new area?

2-3 yards in depth

Which is the most popular type of mulch?

Supreme and nuggets- they hold well with the wind.

What is seasoned firewood?

Moisture content to be under 20%

Can you haul more than one product?

Yes, we can use a truck and trailer.

Is your bark dyed?


How long does it take for firewood to be seasoned?

1 + years after log has been down.