Collaboration that Impacts You

We recognize that collaboration with reputable partners, is a huge benefit to our customers. It ensures you receive best-of-breed products and services, in the most effective way possible. It centralizes the knowledge for your project, brings together multiple subject-matter experts (without you having to be the go-between) and it consolidates the coordination efforts. In addition, the forest products we offer at Neal Creek, have the potential to become show-stopping solutions, which is why we ONLY partner with vendors who take as much pride in their work, as we do.


We Appreciate our Partners

To date, we have established strong relationships with Top Spur Timberworks, Dirt Hugger and the National Forest Service. These three partners have allowed us to increase the quality of our products and given us the opportunity to expand our offering. If you are a business that feels compliments the Neal Creek offering and are interested in collaborating, please reach out. We’re always open to new partnerships.

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Top Spur Timberworks

Top Spur specializes in traditional timber joinery. Using a variety of joints, most centuries old, they design each piece in a way that complements the natural beauty of the wood, as well as your home. A variety of specialty power tools are used in this process, but ultimately each joint is fine-tuned by hand and the locally-sourced wood (provided by Neal Creek), likely has a story just as intriguing as the look of the wood itself. This partnership is ideal for delivering show-stopping beams, staircases and big-timber trusses for covered patios.

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Dirt Hugger

We’re proud to be able to offer Dirt Hugger’s organic compost to our customers. It’s dark, rich, finite nature is perfect for amending the sandy loam or clay soils native to our area, provides organic content and nutrients to your soil and balances the pH for optimal plant growth. In addition, it aids in water retention.

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US Forest Service

Our products are sourced from US Forest 'thinning' projects or "slash" piles. By offering to remove this debris for the US Forest Service, we're able to recycle, repurpose and reuse it to warm your homes, help you with you rnext construction project or landscape your yard.

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Interested in Partnering?

Contact us today about opportunities for collaboration. Your request will notify a Neal Creek consultant who will follow up with you shortly to learn more.

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