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Each firewood is different. Length of burn, temperature, ease/quickness of light are all factors. Choose the firewood that suits your needs.


Alder and (soft) Maple burn relatively quickly and hot.

Ponderosa Pine

Pine is easy to light, burns more rapidly than some, with low-mid heat output.

Douglas Fir

Douglas FIr is elatively easy and quick to light and burns clean, with high heat and a wonderful aroma.

White Fir

White fir is a softwood that burns fast and has a low BTU rating. It ignites easily, making excellent kindling and is good for starting fires. It burns well and can produce quick heat, but with a shorter burn duration.


Oak is the best firewood for a long lasting fire. It burns long and makes heating your home easy. Oak is also used for good old fashioned BBQ and smoking.

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